Integral Development:

The school desires the students not only to excell at their studies but also to be an integral part of the world by contributing their bits of morals, values and services to the welfare of humanity.

Integral development means intellectual, mental and spiritual development of a person to its maturity. Academics away from decipline will be like a person with a car who doesn't know to drive. Therefore, in the school we inspire and instruct children to be deciplined and well mannered individuals out in the society. The students are given the awarness not to confine to the materialistic society and yeild to their shortcomings, rather come to surge, and face the life with bold spirit.

The school aims at the progress and perfectability of the students. The students are exhorted to march forward forthright with their right consciousness. To this we instill in them a sprit of compassion to the poor, an attitude of unselfish service, dedication to duty, respect for elders, love for fellow humans beings and thirst for real knowledge and wisdom.

The school tries in all the way possible to equip themselves to face the challenges of a corrupted modern world. The students are scintiallated to instill basic knowledge about rights and responcibilities to govern themselves and the society. They are reminded to keep a close watch to the society and do what is right not yielding to the rough circumstancess in their life.

Our full concentration is to build up confidence in each and every child to embark to unconquered horizons with never failing determination. Thus, the education at Modern Era Higher secondry School aims at formating individuals into emotionally and intellectually balanced personalities who will hold our nation proud in the world.

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